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Zijing Education 

DePaul University offers students in China an opportunity to earn a Master of Science in Finance
Zijing Education
through study in China and the United States in our partnership with Tsinghua Holdings Zijing (Beijing) Education Group (Zijing Education).

The Program Structure

The Zijing MSF program allows students to earn a master’s degree in two years by completing one year of study in China and the second in the United States. During the first year, undergraduate junior or senior year students receive conditional admission to the master’s program at DePaul if they complete/pass the Intensive English program, fulfill the undergraduate overall GPA requirement, and the English proficiency requirement . With a curriculum developed in collaboration with DePaul, first-year courses are taught in China by Zijing Education faculty. 

After graduating college and meeting entrance requirements, DePaul will offer students unconditional admission to complete the second and final year of their master’s program in the United States. This degree can be certified as a master’s degree by the Chinese (Ministry of Education) Service Center for Scholarly Exchange. 

This program adopts bilingual and small-sized class teaching styles to help students adapt to the American teaching mode in advance. 

Degree and Career Options 

As a STEM-designated degree, Master of Science in Finance (MSF) mainly cultivates professionals with a solid financial theoretical foundation and high application skills and trains students to comprehensively use finance, economics, management, and modern science. The ability of quantitative analysis methods to solve theoretical and practical problems can be adapted to the work of financial management departments, various financial institutions, and research institutions.

Students who graduate from DePaul University with a master's degree in finance usually work in world-renowned financial institutions and technological innovation companies such as Morgan Stanley , HSBC, Ernst & Young, Google, IBM, and etc.

[Photo (below): Dean Sulin Ba visits Zijing Education leadership in Beijing.]


Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

This program will prepare you with sought-after skills in financial decision-making and solutions development.

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