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Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

​​​​​​​​​​Become a financial management professional

With a Master of Science in Finance from DePaul University, you’ll be prepared to develop strategic financial objectives, improve investment decisions, design financial instruments, manage corporate risk and seize new business opportunities.

You'll also gain sought-after skills in financial decision-making and solutions development, master the use of financial evaluation tools and instruments, and learn how to develop proposals for profitability and productivity.​​


Course Type Credit Hours Course
Core 4 FIN 555 Financial Management
Core 4 FIN 617 Tools of Finance Analytics
Core 4 FIN 524 Financial Statement Analysis


Course Type Credit Hours Course
Core 4 FIN 523 Investment Analysis
Core 4 FIN 553 Advanced Corporate Finance
Core 4 FIN 662 Derivative Valuation


Six elective courses are required. At least three of these required electives must be Finance courses.  The other three required elective courses are considered free electives and may be satisfied in one of the following ways:

• Another finance course

• A graduate course in Accounting, Computer Science (CDM), Data Science (CDM), Data Analytics (Management), Economics, Mathematics, or Real Estate (other disciplines or courses may be considered but require the permission of the faculty program director).

See the current university catalog for available Elective Requirements.

Total Program Hours Required: 48

Submit application materials

• Applicants need to log in to the program's official website to register online, fill in the basic information online and submit the following materials according to the requirements of the project registration system:

• English resume

• Copy of ID card

• Transcript of Chinese undergraduate course (for current students until the end of the last semester)

• English undergraduate transcripts (for current students until the end of the last semester)

• English Language Proficiency (such as CET-4, CET-6, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)

• Copies of personal certificates of honor and awards (if any)

• Certificate of undergraduate degree/certificate of undergraduate study (Chinese and English)

• Personal Statement (English)

• Two letters of recommendation (in English)


After evaluating the submitted materials, Zijing Education will provide feedback through emails for those who successfully pass the evaluation to schedule interviews. 

Admission Offers and Enrollment 

Applicants who finally pass the interview and materials review will receive a conditional admission letter for the program. Once the students made full payment to the program, they will be registered to the program and start to take courses. 

Project cost

China study stage (three coures): the total tuition fee is RMB 123,088.

U.S. study stage (36 credit hours): for details, refer to DePaul University’s Tuition Rates—Graduate Division, Kellstadt Graduate Business for the appropriate academic year.

Certificates and Degrees

Students obtain a master's degree certificate in finance from Paul University in Chicago and can apply for accreditation for Chinese overseas students after returning to China, and enjoy the benefits of international students.

​​​For more information

Zijing admissions representatives: 
Tel: +86 (010)-62793299 

Mail Address (please use for admission documents): 
5F, Building 7, Tsinghua University Science Park,
No. 1, East Zhongguancun Road,
Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100084​​​