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Keeley Center Academy

Keeley Center Academy
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At the heart of the John L. Keeley, Jr. Center for Financial Services is the Keeley Center Academy. This experiential program is demanding and rigorous, providing high performing finance students with a competitive advantage. Through collaboration with industry leaders and certification/licensing partners, the programming content continuously adapts to the needs of the financial services industry, while ensuring successful career outcomes for students.

Building paths from potential to success

The Keeley Center Academy is a co-curricular program for high-potential, high-performing finance majors pursuing banking, capital markets, consulting, investment management, private wealth management, and valuation careers.

Academy programming is designed to complement and supplement DePaul’s finance courses in banking, investment management and wealth management, with a specific focus on skills and abilities development to provide fulfilling finance career opportunities. Upon completing the eighteen-month academy program, students can earn either the Keeley Scholar or Distinguished Keeley Scholar designation, differentiating them from other finance graduates.

Keeley Academy Career Paths

Where potential meets success

The program guides students on a journey through professional and interpersonal skill base development, certifications, experiential learning, career insights, and industry connections.

Program Expectations

"I was attracted to the Keeley Center Academy as I wanted to learn about the various career paths in financial services, build an industry network, achieve technical certifications and behavioral skills, and benefit from experiential programming."

Maria Delis | Distinguished Keeley Scholar, Incoming Commercial Banking Analyst, JPMorgan

Maria Delis  

Program Impact

Many college students face challenges transitioning into internships or full-time roles in firms, lacking real-world aptitude and knowledge not taught in traditional curricula. Similarly, companies often find candidates lacking in essential interpersonal and technical skills.

How to Apply

If you're a high-achieving, high-potential student interested in investment management and banking in the finance industry, then the Keeley Academy is for you. As you progress through the academy, you'll have the opportunity to narrow your focus on specific career paths.

Keeley Academy Admission 

John L. Keeley Jr. Center for Financial Services


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