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Degree Requirements

We offer the Finance MS in two modalities: on-campus and fully online.

Degree requirements for each modality are unique. On-campus degree requirements are listed below, and online degree requirements are listed in the Academic Catalog.

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On-Campus Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Course Requirements​

The MS in Finance program requires a minimum of 48 credit hours subject to the prerequisite requirement.

Prerequisites for the MSF Program​

Students complete the Master of Science in Finance by taking six core courses and six elective courses in addition to the program prerequisites.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate competency in principles of financial accounting, economics, and statistics prior to enrollment in the program. Students who have not demonstrated these competencies through previous coursework are required to achieve these competencies prior to registration for the core courses.

Core Courses

Course Title Quarter Hours

Elective Requirement

Six elective courses are required. At least three of these required electives must be Finance courses.  The other three required elective courses are considered free electives and may be satisfied in one of the following ways: 

  • another finance course
  • a graduate course in Accounting, Computer Science (CDM), Data Science (CDM), Data Analytics (Management), Economics, Mathematics, or Real Estate (other disciplines or courses may be considered but require the permission of the faculty program director). Please see the catalog for the eligible free electives

​​Degree Requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of the college residency requirement.
  • Satisfactory completion of the 6 required courses and 6 elective courses.
  • All courses for credit toward the degree must be completed within six calendar years after the candidate’s first term of enrollment in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. After a lapse of six years, a course is expired. An expired course is not acceptable for the purpose of satisfaction of degree requirements and is not applicable to the degree without the written approval of the director of the program and the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. ​

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