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Clubs & Organizations
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DePaul is home to more than 350 student organizations dedicated to a variety of interests and industries. Learn more about the student clubs and organizations focused on finance and real estate below.

DePaul Actuarial Science Club
The DePaul Actuarial Science Club brings together students interested in pursuing a career in actu​arial science. The club hosts workshops, presentations and meetings, and organizes study groups for students in the process of taking the required preliminary exams.

DePaul Females in Finance Initiative
DePaul Females in Finance Initiative empowers women pursuing careers in finance and aims to reduce the confidence gap between men and women.

DePaul Real Estate Club
The DePaul Real Estate Club brings together the growing community of DePaul undergraduate and graduate students, and active professionals in the real estate industry. The Real Estate Club’s programs strive to foster networking across professional disciplines as well as to deliver informative events.

DePaul Student Finance Association (SFA)
The member-based organization brings together students of all majors who have an active interest in finance. SFA hosts a variety of events throughout the year to help connect students to the industry.

Kellstadt Finance Association
The Kellstadt Finance Association has more than 500 members whose jobs are involved in diverse financial fields. It is the first and the only group that serves graduate students whose degree focuses on finance at DePaul.

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