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Cyber Risk Conference
Cyber Risk Conference
Cyber Risk Conference

In collaboration with DePaul's Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media and the College of Law, the Arditti Center for Risk Management is proud to present an annual conference on cyber risk.

The 2023 Cyber Risk Conference features the theme of Artificial Intelligence and its growing impact on business, government, law, and our personal lives. Panel topics will include:

  • ​Evolving Protection Strategies: Updates from the Legal & Insurance World
  • ​​​​​Securing the Future: Navigating Cyber Risk in the Age of Quantum and AI
  • ​Guard Rails and Guidelines: New Rules for New Risks

2023 Distinguished Speakers

  • Dan Manley - Managing Director and Chief Information Security Officer, CME Group
  • Matthew Osegard - Supervisory Agent (Cyber Crimes, Cyber Task Force), FBI Chicago​

The 2023 conference will be held​ November 28 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the DePaul Center (1 E. Jackson) in room 8005. Click here to register.

Previous Conference Themes

The 2022 Cyber Risk Conference focused on the theme "Wethering The Storm of Disruption."

The Nov. 29 event featured two distinguished speakers and three panels tackling topics concerning regulations, cyber insurance, the collaborations on legal and Insurance issues, and the dangers of the new nature of work involving the use of personal devices vs. required company computers, governance and ethics of monitoring a remote workforce, staff shortages. Panel topics included:

  • “The Great Reshuffle”- The use of personal devices vs. required company computers, governance and ethics of monitoring a remote workforce, and staff shortages changing the nature of work.
  • "Jumping Through the Hoops" - New regulations, changes in cyber insurance, rates and conditions for coverage (how insurance is evolving), security assessments to show good security, and coverage for business interruption.
  • "A View from the Top" - What the Board Needs to Know

Michelle Ayala, Senior Director, Business Information Security Officer at JLL Technologies and Walter Lefmann, CISO of the Year and Director of Security, Chicago Trading Company both served as the conferences' Distiguished Speakers. 

The 2021 Cyber Risk Conference focused on the theme "Cyber Defense: Stronger Together."

The Nov. 30 event brought together both industry and academic experts who discussed various cybersecurity issues impacting today's business environment. Panel topics included:

  • Prepare or Pay: The Current Ransomware and Supply Chain Landscape
  • Teamwork on Legal & Insurance Issues
  • Teamwork, building a stronger team together

The advent of a global pandemic in 2020 has forced nearly all businesses to move abruptly online. This has created enormous challenges for managing cyber risk. Addressing these challenges was the topic of the seventh annual Cyber Risk Conference, which moved online for the first time.

Over three days, three distinguished speakers and three panels addressed the topics of emerging threats, privacy issues, technical shields, insurance coverage options and pre- and post-incident strategies as our work-spaces leave the more secure traditional office into more remote and potentially unsecured environments.

Orin Kerr, professor at the University of California Berkeley Law School, served as the keynote speaker.

The assets of an organization are exposed to loss from cyber-related perils in many ways: directly, such as through unauthorized access, ransomware or spyware; and indirectly, such as through infrastructure sabotage or failure. Implementing defenses against all of these perils takes time, money and resources. How should an organization set priorities to protect the most important assets from the most salient perils?

During the 2017 Cyber Risk Conference, experts explored the process of protecting the organizations' important assets from the full spectrum of cyber-related perils. Opening keynote speaker Sujeet Shenoi from the University of Tulsa addressed cyber operations, critical infrastructure protections and digital forensics.

Panel topics included assessing crown jewel risks, risk mitigation strategies and risk transfer and post-breach loss control. The conference’s closing keynote was led by Anatoly Bodner, an application, information and infrastructure security specialist, and partner with IBM’s X-Force Cloud Security Services.

The fifth annual Cyber Risk Conference addressed the ever evolving issues we face from the fast-paced evolution and advancement of today’s technology. Panel topics included evolving privacy issues, insurance, supply chain security and emerging threats.

Orin Kerr, professor at the the UC Berkeley School of Law, closed the conference with a keynote speech.

New and evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning and robotic process automation are now an everyday reality. Similarly, use of the Cloud and third-party systems have grown dramatically as the technology has become more complex.

Business practices are being rapidly transformed in all sectors—from expediting insurance claims, automating financial processes and revolutionizing search algorithms to heralding a paradigm shift in cyber security and military technology. These emerging technologies provide a host of new benefits, but also create a horde of new risks.

During the 2017 Cyber Risk Conference, expert discussed the real impact that these technologies have on all businesses—not just tech-firms. Christine Izuakor, manager of global security strategy and awareness at United Airlines, served as the keynote speaker.

The cyber security landscape is rapidly changing in a dynamic interplay of threat, compliance and protection. As we enter an increasingly connected world, the Internet of Things has become a reality. New technologies bring new vulnerabilities. With these new vulnerabilities come new regulations and compliance issues, as well as a race to proactively protect users.

Behavior is also constantly shifting. A generation has now grown up completely at home with these new technologies and thus has a very different perspective toward privacy and protection. These are just a few of the topics discussed in the three panels during the third annual Cyber Risk Conference.

The second annual Cyber Risk Conference focused on the need for collaborative efforts between public and private institutions.

What would a large-scale collaboration between public institutions and private companies look like? What kinds of collaboration are actually achievable? How does collaboration work (or not work) now? How do we navigate the difference between compliance and protection? How can greater collaboration shift us more toward the latter than the former?

These issues were discussed during three panels and a keynote speech led by retired Major General USAF Brett Williams, former director of operations, U. S. Cyber Command.

The inaugural Cyber Risk Conference explored a variety of issues surrounding cyber security.

As the list of companies being cyber attacked grows daily, the needs and questions of the industry are beyond simple solutions, such as "don't click on links in emails."

The 2014 conference began with a demonstration of an actual breach through a live-hacking of a phone. Recognizing that a focus solely on prevention is short sighted, our three expert panelists then followed through the three phases of breach response, providing concrete answers and discussion that attendees could take with them and apply to their own businesses.

Noted cybersecurity expert Peter W. Singer served as keynote speaker.