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Startup Internship Program
Startup Internship Program
Startup Internship Program

The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center's Startup Internship Program gives undergraduate students hands-on experience while working closely with founders on specific projects at a local Chicago startup. The 2020 summer internship program will be a remote opportunity as DePaul's campus remains closed and in-person events are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apply to the 2020 Startup Internship Program

FAQs for students

All DePaul undergraduate students are welcome to apply.

Yes, this is a paid internship. Student interns will be paid $2,000 for a total of 125 hours during the summer. Students will receive two payment stipends of $1000 each, one in the middle of the internship and one at the end. The stipends are subject to taxes.

The internship hours must be completed between June 11 and August 19. Internship schedules and other arrangements should be worked out between the student and individual startups.

Selected from a pool of student applicants, the most qualified students will choose the startups they would like to work for over the summer. Students are not guaranteed their first choice, but their opinions carry great weight.

The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center will be sponsoring several student internships this summer at local Chicago startups. Students will be selected based on an online application. Students must also be available for interviews, after which the students will be selected and matched to a startup.

"I experienced an overview of the of the day-to-day responsibilities necessary to keep a start-up successful and gained more experience in one summer with this internship than I've gained from years of working elsewhere."

Michal Pirga (BUS '19)
Former intern, Skyline Kitchen Inc.

Michal Pirga 

Hire students at your startup

Startups can benefit from DePaul's talent by applying to be a host site in the 2020 Startup Internship Program.

FAQs for startups

Startups must be a legally established entity, 5 years old or younger, and have received less than $1,000,000 in outside funding.

Registered startups should keep in mind that student interns would be required to work a total of 125 hours over the course of the summer. All work for the internship must be completed between June 11 and Aug. 19, 2020.

Selected from a pool of student applicants, the most qualified students will choose the startups they want to work for over the summer. There will be an interview process where students and organizations can get to know one another. Students will rank their top choices of startups to work with.

These internships are designed to be experiential learning opportunities for students and a chance to see first-hand the challenges that startups face. Interns should have significant tasks that contribute to the success of the organization. In the past, interns have done market research, created web content, developed marketing and sales strategies, and helped to redesign website functionality.