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Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree

Accelerated Combined Bachelor's/Master's in Economics and Policy Analysis

4 + 1 = $20,000 in savings

Top 3 reasons to consider the 4+1 Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program

  • Save over $20,000 in tuition*
  • Complete a master's degree in one year
  • Have the opportunity to enroll in the Fellowship Course
    • Students will work full time on Capitol Hill or some other executive branch, independent agency or not-for-profit, or corporation. Students will be immersed in analysis, research and policy making.
    • Previous Fellowship Positions:
      • White House Fellow
      • Congressional Research Service
      • Clinton Global Initiative
      • Several Congressional Offices

*The Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's in Economics and Policy Analysis allows students to double count 3 graduate level courses towards both their undergraduate degree and the MS degree — a tuition savings of $11,760. Upon completion of the bachelor's degree, all students in the 4+1 program receive the Double Demon Scholarship, which allows DePaul students to deduct an additional 25 percent off the tuition for an additional $9,800 in tuition savings.


Economics (BSB)/Economics and Policy Analysis (MS)

The MS in Economics and Policy Analysis gives students a distinguished and marketable set of skills in economic theory as it applies to business and policy analysis. Students learn how to conduct statistical and econometric research grounded in sound economic models using data from multiple sources on different issues. In addition, students will be able to explain their results and policy recommendations not only to economists, but also to politicians and the general public.

M.S.-EPA graduates can find employment in the private sector working for corporations in governmental relations departments, in federal and state governmental agencies, in trade associations or lobbying firms, or in the not-for-profit sector.

Undergraduate students will apply to the program during their junior year and will typically take the following three graduate level courses during their senior year:

These three courses will count towards completion of the BSB with a major in Economics and will also count towards completion of the MS-EPA. The undergraduate degree will be awarded at the completion of all undergraduate work while the MS-EPA will be awarded upon completion of the remaining graduate level work.

ECO 507


This course focuses on the tools and techniques used to statistically analyze economic data. We will focus on both theoretical understanding (why do we use such tools and how do they work) and applied understanding (the ability to carry on a research project using these tools). Students will learn Stata, which is the most widely used statistical analysis programming language in Economics. Students will learn the practical skills of how to choose the right tools for the analysis, how to prepare and inspect the data, and how to run an analysis that is robust, can be replicated, and can be understood and used by others - all extremely valuable qualities in real life work.
ECO 555 or 505

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