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Student Resources

Take advantage of DePaul's student services, economics tutoring services and all that DePaul has to offer. We also encourage you to le​arn more about career paths, student and professional associations related to your interests, and other networking opportunities. 


If you have questions about your undergraduate College of Business major or minor, please contact:

Driehaus School of Business Advising
(312) 362-5358
DePaul Center 5200

If you have questions about your undergraduate Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS) major or minor, please contact:

Dr. Laura Owen
Director, Undergraduate Economics Program
(312) 362-8771
DePaul Center 6210

The department encourages students to speak to professors about their interests and coursework.


If you have questions about your MS in Economics & Policy Analysis degree, please contact:

Professor Gabriella Bucci
Graduate Programs Director
(312) 362-6787

Steve Carlton
Business Manager
(312) 362-5678

If you have questions about your MBA degree, please contact:

Kellstadt Graduate School of Business Advising
(312) 362-8810
DePaul Center 5300

Fall 2020 Tutoring Schedule

The Department of Economics offers tutoring for undergraduate students enrolled in ECO 105 and 106. Tutoring will be held via Zoom. Please check your D2L for Zoom instructions.

Have you ever thought about teaching economics? Would you like to improve your own understanding of basic economic theory? Did you earn an A in ECO 105 or ECO 106? If so, working for DePaul's Supplemental Instruction (SI) program might be for you.

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

  • SI is a student-support program that targets historically difficult courses
  • Students in SI courses have the opportunity to attend weekly review sessions to improve their understanding of course material
  • These small group sessions are facilitated by SI leaders, trained student mentors who focus on course content and study skills

What is an SI Leader?

  • A student who has previously taken one of the courses SI supports
  • Someone who excels in and is excited about the subject he or she is involved with
  • A student who wants to help his or her peers succeed

What major responsibilities does an SI Leader undertake?

  • Attending the class lectures each week
  • Facilitating three one-hour review sessions each week outside of class
  • Planning for weekly sessions and communicating with students outside of class
  • Attending a training session and observation reviews
  • About nine hours of commitment per week for which SI leaders are paid a stipend

Please visit the Supplemental Instruction website for more information.