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International Business (MBA)

The International Business concentration will prepare you to navigate effectively as a manager in a complex and ever-changing global business environment. With the increasing interdependence of national economies and the growth of global enterprises, understanding international business frameworks and issues is vital to decision-makers. Through a multidisciplinary curriculum that includes accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing courses, you will have a chance to explore how businesses can manage the development of international commerce. Students taking this concentration must fulfill a foreign language requirement and have some international exposure outside of the classroom.


This program provides:

  • A global approach to macroeconomics and microeconomic topics, including trade theory, international financial policy and emerging markets, as well as insight into the global business environment.
  • An understanding of the international economic and socio-cultural issues vital to decision-makers.
  • Basic theory and knowledge of the current issues in international economics, accounting, finance, marketing and management.
  • The opportunity to gain international exposure outside of the classroom through a study abroad business seminar. This seminar provides an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge beyond the classroom and gain exposure to other cultures. Seminars are typically one to three weeks long and are scheduled to coincide with breaks between quarters in the academic calendar.

Career Outlook

The program is designed for students with an interest in entering or advancing careers in business at the international level. An MBA with an international business focus can give you an advantage in the job market as business becomes more globalized. ​​​​​​​​​

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