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DePaul Launches New Graduate Business Programs

New Grad Business Program
The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business is introducing a slate of new program offerings this fall and winter to provide pathways for students to jump to the next level in their careers. The new programs, which provide part-time and evening options, showcase the depth and flexibility of degrees offered by DePaul's business school.

The new programs include:
  • A Doctorate in Business Administration, the business school's first doctoral offering
  • An Evening Cohort MBA
  • A new Master's of Science in Management degree

James Parker, Kellstadt's director of recruitment and admission, said the new program offerings help DePaul serve students better by catering to their diverse needs.

"These programs are excellent additions to our business school offerings because they serve very specific needs of today's business students," Parker says. "They add to the depth of our graduate school programming and allow us to offer flexible options that help advance the careers of our students."

A Career Investment for Executives

The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is the ideal program for experienced professionals seeking to advance to the highest levels of the c-suite. Unique to the Chicago area, the program provides graduates with real-world expertise in business analytics. It is designed for managers who have more than eight years of experience and have earned a master's degree in business or related discipline.

Professionals who enroll in this three-year, part-time program, will learn to solve complex business problems using applied, evidenced-based analysis of data. The program emphasizes research techniques and features a small, tightly knit cohort of just 20 students to deepen networking relationships. In addition, students in the program will work with the college's award-winning research faculty on their dissertations, which will focus on current business issues. The program is scheduled to start in 2015.

"Our new DBA degree is a practical, career-focused doctoral program that offers executives an opportunity to gain a mastery of applied business research," says Ray Whittington, dean of the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. "Graduates of the program will have the ability to rigorously analyze real-world business issues and find hidden solutions, a very marketable leadership ability in the age of big data."

MBA Tradition with a Twist

The DePaul MBA offers many flexible options for the working professional, and its new Evening Cohort program is no exception. Perfect for middle managers who want to advance up the corporate ladder, this program offers working professionals the traditional evening MBA experience, but with a cohort of classmates who study in a set evening schedule. For the professional looking for the invaluable networking relationships that accompany many daytime MBA cohort programs, DePaul's Evening Cohort is a perfect match.

Alexandra Eesley, a marketing manager who entered the program this fall, says she chose DePaul's Evening Cohort MBA after researching many options and realizing that Eesley said she loved the idea of staying with one group throughout the entire 20-month program.

The set schedule, the team projects and the international business seminars that are part of the program, as well as the opportunity to network with business professionals and attend lectures by acclaimed business faculty members, made the DePaul MBA Evening Cohort choice especially attractive, Eesley says.

"There are many working professionals who want the additional experiences of a full-time MBA program, but they do not want to give up the opportunities for seniority and development in their current jobs," says Parker. "We wanted to meet that need and offer a program that would provide those mid-career professionals an opportunity to enjoy a cohort experience, expand their professional networks and enhance their leadership skills."

Launch Your Career with an MS in Management

For entry-level professionals looking for an edge in their career advancement, DePaul's new MS in Management is a model solution. The program provides such personnel with knowledge in areas that are critical to company management, including supply chain economics, management of human capital, organizational structure and governance, innovations and customer service.

"This program is especially attractive to international students who work in industries and companies that emphasis a technical or scientific background," says Scott Young, chair of DePaul's Department of Management. "But it also provides students with a deep understanding of business management in a short time frame."

Young says research shows that the consumer goods and consulting industries are the fields that hire the most MS in Management graduates, but that such industries as banking and finance, health care and hospitality also are recruiting these graduates.

Whatever your current career advancement goals may be, it's clear these new offerings at the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business will help you reach them.

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