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Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Throughout the program, Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) candidates are exposed to emerging industry and disciplinary developments through a series of doctoral seminars on current topics in business. In between on-campus residencies, DBA candidates will be working on course projects and connecting with their cohort peers to deepen their learning and engagement.

Build a Network of Research-Minded Thought Leaders

A fundamental component of the DBA experience is the personal working relationships it fosters with leading faculty scholars in the Driehaus College of Business and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. These ongoing mentor-student relationships support doctoral candidates' professional development in the tools and methods of data analysis and business intelligence.

DBA candidates advance through the program as members of a tight-knit cohort of students. The program's small-group format is designed to build a strong network of like-minded thought leaders who will support each other both during the program and after graduation.

Program Structure

Each year of the program, DBA candidates will participate in nine, 2½-day residencies led by Kellstadt faculty. The first year of the program is designed to acquaint candidates with the applied research skills they'll need to make an immediate impact in their organizations.

During the second year, DBA candidates will form a small research team with a Kellstadt faculty mentor to frame and analyze a real-world business problem. By the end of the second year, candidates will be framing and formally proposing their dissertation research in an area that is most relevant and impactful to their own careers and organizations.

During the third year of the program, candidates will be personally supervised by one of Kellstadt's leading faculty scholars as they pursue their dissertation research.

DBA Opens Doors for Career Advancement

Karen Bartuch

"The DBA program is designed to bridge the gap between business and academia. Almost instantly, I used what I learned in class at work to solve business problems in a more scientific way, which is great for my organization and great for my personal brand. The DBA has definitely opened doors for me, including going to work for the top consulting firm in the world."
— Karen Bartuch, DBA candidate
Director, Corporate Intelligence and Strategic Threat Management, PwC

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