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Start Your Advanced Business Degree in 2016

More people search for a new job in the first week of January than any other time, according to career site research. But often people find their skills do not match industry needs. If that's the case, an advanced business degree can help boost your job prospects.

Advanced Business Degrees

The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business has a host of new programs that can usher in new career opportunities in trending industries.

The new programs include:

"These degrees allow us to better serve different markets, from students who are about to enter the business world, to working professionals who want to move to the next level, to executives with eight or more years of managerial experience seeking to take their careers to the highest level," says Dan Heiser, associate dean for graduate programs.

MS in Supply Chain Management

By 2018, companies in the supply chain industry will be looking to fill 1.4 million jobs. That's 270,000 jobs a year. The job shortage is so severe that manufacturing companies have engaged in talent wars, poaching employees like tech companies do in Silicon Valley.

Add to that Chicago's role as a crucial international supply chain and logistics hub, and you have a winning recipe for career success. DePaul's new MS in Supply Chain Management creates a path to lucrative opportunities in this growing field.

"When students study supply chain management at DePaul, they learn an integrated management approach," says Associate Professor of Management Nezih Altay, who teaches in the program. "They will learn the necessary technical skills they need to succeed in this area, but they also will learn critical soft skills to help them negotiate change when they go out in the real world."

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MS in Enterprise Risk Management

There's another crisis looming in the financial industry. The new threat is the growing talent shortage for risk management professionals and chief compliance officers. A recent survey of risk managers found that 54 percent report a shortage of candidates with the right skills.

DePaul's new MS in Enterprise Risk Management seeks to equip today's risk managers with the diverse skills they need to manage an ever growing set of company risk factors.

To ensure the program's relevance to current industry practices, DePaul's Department of Finance has risk managers regularly review the program's curriculum. Many of these risk managers are also board members of DePaul's Arditti Center for Risk Management.

As part of the program, students have an opportunity to take cybersecurity risk courses taught by faculty of DePaul's Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media. Other areas covered in the degree program include operational risk, credit risk and strategic risk.

"The role of risk officers has been expanding over the last several years into various areas," says Carl Luft, associate professor of finance. "This degree will offer risk managers the skills they need to expand their knowledge of risk management and help them advance in their careers."

Luft says the ideal candidate for this new degree program would be someone who is in the risk management arena looking to advance to the c-suite as a chief risk management officer.

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Doctorate in Business Administration

DePaul's Doctorate in Business Administration is perfectly tailored for seasoned professionals who seek to advance in their careers by developing data-centered business decision-making expertise.

The three-year, part-time program is for the working professional who has earned a previous master's degree in a business or business-related discipline and who has eight to 10 years of managerial or consultative experience. DePaul's DBA empowers professionals to transform their organizations through a mastery of sophisticated applied research skills necessary to solve complex contemporary business issues.

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Expansion of Combined Degrees

Business students now have more opportunities to save money and time by earning both bachelor's and master's degrees in as little as five years, thanks to the expansion of DePaul’s combined degree offerings.

The combined degrees allow undergraduate students to take classes that also count toward a graduate degree. Students can save thousands of dollars in tuition costs with these combined degrees.

The new degrees include:

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