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Grade Challenges

​The Kellstadt Graduate School of Business (KGSB) participates in a university program that permits students to challenge grades received in individual courses. The details of the grade challenge procedure are described in the DePaul University Student Handbook.

Students may file a request to challenge a grade by filling out the form linked here​ and emailing it to Kathy Hillegonds at, along with the class syllabus and any other materials.

Before filing a challenge, please carefully consider whether the challenge meets the criteria that the Grade Challenge Committee uses to authorize a grade change. The committee has no additional authority other than the criteria listed in the DePaul University Student Handbook.

Please note the committee is not an appropriate vehicle for general complaints about a specific course. To register a concern about a course, please consider the following:

  • Discuss your concern with the instructor;
  • Discuss the matter with the appropriate department chair;
  • Discuss the complaint with a KGSB academic advisor; or
  • While the actions above will not result in a grade change, be assured that the concern will be taken into account in future KGSB decision-making.