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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

Students complete the MS in Taxation degree by completing a minimum of 45 credits, normally 12 courses.  Six courses (22 - 24 credits*) are required.  Of the remaining credits, a maximum of 16 credits may be electives selected from any subject area within the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, with exceptions and restrictions as noted below.    

Prerequisite Courses

Students are expected to have completed ACC 500 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING, ACC 548 TAX TREATMENT OF INDIVIDUALS AND PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS, and ACC 551 TAX TREATMENT OF CORPORATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS, or their equivalents, prior to enrollment in courses in taxation.

Required Courses

The following six courses are required (22 - 24 credits*):

Choose tax electives from among the following (normally 2 courses: a minimum of 7 credits*):

Open Electives (normally 4 courses: a maximum of 16 credits*)         

Choose open electives from the list above or in accordance with the statement on open electives found above and below.  May include non-tax courses only with the approval of the faculty program director, and may not include ACC 500, ACC 505, ACC 541, ACC 542, ACC 543, ACC 545, ACC 547, ACC 548, ACC 550, ACC 551, ACC 552, ACC 554, ACC 555, ACC 584, ACC 690, BLW 500, ECO 500, ECO 502, ECO 509, FIN 455, MGT 500, MGT 502, MGT 504, or MGT 529.  This is a partial list of excluded courses.  Students should meet with the faculty program director prior to selecting non-tax electives in order to avoid loss of credit.

*Please note more than 45 credits may be necessary depending on your choice of tax and open electives.

Degree Requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of the college residency requirement.
  • Satisfactory completion of 45 credit hours applicable to the degree.
  • Satisfactory completion of at least eight taxation courses and a minimum of 29 credit hours in taxation.
  • All courses for credit toward the degree must be completed with satisfactory grades within six calendar years after the candidate’s first term of enrollment in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.  After a lapse of six years a course is expired.  An expired course is not acceptable for the purpose of satisfaction of degree requirements and is not applicable to the degree without the written permission of the faculty program director or the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

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