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Graduate Student Spotlight: Alejandra Rodriguez

​Alejandra Rodriguez
Alejandra Rodriguez
Alejandra Rodriguez

Master's of Science in Economics & Policy Analysis student


Naperville, Ill.

What is your undergraduate degree? 

A Bachelor's of Science in Economics from Purdue University.

What do you enjoy doing outside of school?

Outside of school I enjoy reading, watching movies, and trying out new types of workouts.

Why did you choose the Master of Science in Economics & Policy Analysis program?

I chose the Master's of Science in Economics & Policy Analysis program because it was the perfect combination of my interests. After receiving my undergraduate degree in economics I knew that I still needed to further develop my research and analytic skills to succeed in my dream career. DePaul’s program not only offered a research-driven curriculum, but also incorporated policy analysis as a core part of the degree.

What job do you hope to get after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to get a job as a research economist or economic consultant.

Is there a field in economics that you are most interested in?

I have yet to narrow in on one specific field of economics, but my primary interests are: Industrial Organization, Public Economics, and Urban Economics.

Why did you choose DePaul?

I was first drawn to DePaul because the Master's of Science in Economics & Policy Analysis program stood out to me among the economics programs at other schools. On top of that, the school’s location and size offered great opportunities in terms of networking and close interaction with experienced faculty.​