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Internship Spotlight: Vincent Casambre


Vincent Casambre

BSB, Economics & Real Estate, '21
Financial Analyst Intern at LivCor

What are some of your responsibilities as a financial analyst intern?

To support the financial analysts in the budgeting and forecasting process for the multifamily assets that we manage. I am currently working on a project that analyzes the financial performance of metropolitan statistical areas in the top Sun Belt (states in the U.S. Southeast and Southwest regions) and the economic drivers (supply, demand, immigration, etc.) to financial performance.

Is this internship remote?

The internship is in the office but I can also work from home.

How did you find this internship? Did it take long to find?

I found the post on LinkedIn. I reached out to a DePaul alum through LinkedIn to schedule an interview. It took less than two weeks to find this internship.

Do you have any advice for students looking to find an internship?

Network with people, follow up with people, and have a few notable projects or talking points.

What job do you hope to get when you graduate?

A real estate analyst role.

Why are you majoring in economics?

I like to understand the financial and real estate markets, as well as have informed opinions about resource consumption.