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Applied Economics (MBA)

DePaul's MBA concentration in Applied Economics gives students a deeper understanding of the fundamentals that govern economic activity. Students study the forces that drive markets and the economics of the decision-making processes of business and consumers in a market system. This concentration is particularly ideal for analytically focused, logically minded students who want to hone their problem-solving abilities.


In this concentration, you will gain the knowledge, competencies and skills to:

  • Help businesses and organizations adapt to the ever-changing economic environment.
  • Relate the domestic and global economic outlooks to your business's or organization's markets, as well as advanced applications for bridging strategic analysis to financial forecasts and valuation.
  • Prepare and interpret forecasts for businesses regarding optimal pricing, sales and advertising, marketing policies, purchasing, industrial relations, and investment and portfolio decisions.
  • Conduct empirical analyses of business and consumer decision-making.
  • Apply evidence based methodology to inform decisions and policy.

Career Outlook

With the explosion of available data, corporations are constantly looking for professionals with a deeper understanding and skill set to be able to analyze consumer behavior and turn it into actionable plans. Possessing skills that are applicable to almost any industry, alumni can seek employment in fields such as manufacturing, communications, banking, insurance, retailing, finance, investing, transportation, utilities and consulting, and well as positions in various departments of federal, state and local governments. Job mobility can be high with business economists moving among business firms, government and nonprofits.​​​​​​​

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