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Finance (MBA)

The Finance MBA concentration provides you with in-depth, applied learning that will enable you to successfully understand, analyze and navigate today's increasingly sophisticated global financial markets. Go beyond textbooks into the real world of stocks, investments, capitalization and banking while learning to use the latest high-tech financial software and market tools.

You will receive a solid base of knowledge about various financial sectors and broaden your understanding of the issues that are inherent to finance decision-making, while focusing on the impact these decisions have on the public and private sectors of the global economy.

You have the choice of specializing in a particular area of finance — such as corporate finance, investments, derivatives or banking — or you may take a broad array of courses.


In this program, you will gain the practical skills, real-world knowledge and industry insights as well as hands-on training you need to:

  • Understand stock market analyses, institutional investing and portfolio management in domestic and global markets.
  • Correctly valuate companies and markets through access to cutting-edge market research technology.
  • Recognize and grasp the role and function of central banks in the economy and how their interactions with asset markets affect the larger economy.
  • Develop risk management strategies.
  • Apply what you learn in DePaul's Virtual Trading Room, a state-of-the-art finance lab replete with the latest in financial analysis software.

Students and alumni have access to DePaul's finance industry-related centers, including the Arditti Center for Risk Management, Center for Financial Services and Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance. These centers provide guidance, professional networking opportunities and real-world education through conferences that feature nationally and internationally known speakers, including executives from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, among other financial institutions.

Career Outlook

The Finance MBA concentration provide a pathwa​​​y to many different positions in the corporate, financial and public policy sectors, including roles such as chief financial officer, investment banker, risk management officer and senior financial analyst. Graduates have access to DePaul's extensive finance alumni network that includes executives at some of the nation's largest institutions.​​​

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