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Internships play a key role in the Hospitality Leadership major. Students are required to complete two 2-credit internships. Each internship must be with a different firm, which helps to expose the student to different people, company cultures, processes, systems, etc. Students are strongly encouraged to complete one internship in the "Back of the House" where production often occurs (such as in a kitchen of a restaurant or in the housekeeping department of a hotel), and to complete the other internship in the "Front of the House" where customer contact occurs and service is delivered. This internship experience is valued highly by recruiters.

Note: the Junior Year Experiential Learning (JYEL) requirement of the LSP is often fulfilled by one 4-credit internship. Our two 2-credit internships are recognized as satisfying the Junior Year Experiential Learning requirement (both HSP 303 and 304 must be completed to satisfy the JYEL requirement).

Getting Started with an Internship

Step 1: Complete the Online Profile within the Career Center.

Visit the Career Center website and complete the online profile (Handshake) to begin receiving email listings of available internships in your major.

Step 2: Identify, apply, and secure an hospitality internship offer, and verify your internship will satisfy the requirements of the degree.

You will need to have your resume prepared, interview skills honed, and be ready to present yourself professionally. The School of Hospitality Leadership encourages you to partake in the Career Service events designed to help you secure an internship/job, go to​ for more information.

Note 1: BEFORE accepting an offer to start an internship, the internship MUST be approved by the School of Hospitality Leadership. To gain approval, please contact Joseph LeRoy at

Note 2: The process to secure an internship may take any where from two weeks to three months, please allow enough time to secure the internship prior to enrollment in the HSP 303 or HSP 304 (HSP 303 is the course to register for when you start your first hospitality internship, and HSP 304 is the course for your second hospitality internship.)

Step 3: Upon the School’s approval and your acceptance of your internship offer from a company, visit the School of Hospitality Leadership to enroll in HSP 303 or HSP 304.

Contact Joseph LeRoy at for the form. Once the information is received and verified you will be given permission to register for the course. Students can not register themselves for HSP 303 or HSP 304 prior to obtaining permission from the School of Hospitality Leadership.

International Students

If you are an international student in F-1 or J-1 non-immigrant visa status, do not begin your internship (paid or unpaid) without first obtaining the necessary authorization to engage in off-campus employment from DePaul’s International Student and Scholar Services office. If you have any questions regarding student employment authorization, contact this office at by visiting the DePaul Center Suite 9300 or calling (312) 362-8376.

Hospitality Leadership Internship Courses

HSP 303: Practicum in Hospitality Management 1 - 2 credits
This course is supervised and structured industry experience. It is designed for students to concurrently get practical experience and course credit through a formal internship in a functional department focused on hospitality. Potential sites could include hotels, private clubs, conventional centers, tourism offices, airports, airlines, spas and restaurants. Student must have an internship to participate in the course.
Prerequisite: HSP 250; or permission of instructor.

HSP 304: Practicum in Hospitality Management 2 - 2 credits
Similar in design to HSP 303 this course is supervised and structured industry experience. However, to differentiate itself from HSP 303, this course reflects the importance of providing additional real-world job experience within a unique sector other than that experienced from the student’s completion of their first internship. This course is designed to advance and contrast students experiences within both practicum. Student must have an internship to participate in the course.
Prerequisite: HSP 303; or permission of the instructor. Course requires student’s experience be at a different site than the placement selected for HSP 303.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, students MUST take the class the quarter they are participating in the internship. Class assignments are designed to allow for students to reflect on their experiences, think critically about the leadership and organization of your internship firm, and develop skills while interning. As this class is conducted using Desire 2 Learn, DePaul’s learning management system, although two face-to-face class meetings are required in Chicago. If an internship is conducted outside of Chicago, please contact the course instructor.

No, you do not have to find your internship through the Career Center.

Perhaps - the School of Hospitality Leadership recognizes that many of its students are currently working in the industry to help pay for their schooling costs. However, not all part-time jobs meet the university’s requirements for internship credit. If you would like to submit your part-time job as consideration for internship credit, schedule a meeting with Joseph LeRoy at Each case will be reviewed and considered individually. Please be aware, approval of your part-time job for internship credit may change some of your job requirements / responsibilities in order to qualify for credit.