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Student Organizations

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The university offers a wealth of co-curricular opportunities for personal learning, industry and alumni engagement and professional development. Student organizations within the Driehaus College of Business provide opportunities for students to interact with professionals from the community while enhancing their communication skills and helping them gain real world knowledge and experience.

Through the formation of student organizations within the School of Hospitality Leadership, students will participate in a variety of community service projects and learn more about the hospitality industry through tours, seminars and other club activities. Through such involvement, students are able to expand their network of contacts with both industry professionals and their peers.

Six student organizations and a student honor society have been created and include:

The AH&LA Student Chapter at DePaul University is one of six student chapters recognized by the American Hotel & Lodging Association in the nation. The DePaul chapter plays an integral role in building a bridge between the School of Hospitality Leadership and the student body. Students with a passion in hospitality will have exclusive access to AH&LA resources and initiatives.

As a separate entity of the primary hospitality program, this organization is run by students and specializes in presenting other members of the student body with the opportunity to pave their way toward mastering the logistics behind working and/or running establishments efficiently and profitably. The student chapter's agenda includes the dynamic utilization of events, programs and industry representatives to provide students with valuable networking prospects essential for serving as a gateway to the professional world of hotel management.

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The NSMH is a premier professional organization for minority hospitality students. The group addresses diversity and multiculturalism as well as the career development of student members. NSMH has grown tremendously from four visionary leaders at Cornell University in 1989 to more than one thousand students across the country who continue to set the precedent for the future leaders of the industry.

The mission of NSMH is to educate in order to aid in the recruitment, retention, support and advancement of minority students in the hospitality industry. It is to also build and maintain relationships between hospitality professionals and minority students in ways that encourage lifelong commitment to the organization.

Facebook page: NSMH DePaul Chapter

EPICUREAN serves as an extension of the DePaul University School of Hospitality Leadership for students interested in pursuing opportunities in food and beverage management. EPICUREAN is organized and operated by students with the primary goal of exposing members to the professional side of the food and beverage industry. EPICUREAN's agenda consists of events, tours and guest speakers in industry settings to provide members with invaluable industry preparation, information and networking opportunities vital to the seamless transition from the classroom from to the workplace.

For more information on EPICUREAN, email:

Since its creation in 1952, HFTP has been at the forefront of industry trends. With a national chapter, a Chicago chapter and now a DePaul University student chapter, the goal of HFTP is to bring students into contact with employers looking for internships and full-time employment. This chapter will encourage members to network at industry events to help students jumpstart their careers. 

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The CMAA DePaul Student Chapter offers many opportunities to become acquainted with the private club management profession and into the path of leadership early. By joining the CMAA DePaul Student Chapter, students take the initial steps to further their professional development through meetings, events, internships, private club tours and conferences. Combined with classroom curriculum and networking with peers and private club managers, students are taking the initiative to become successful in the private club industry.

Contact the chapter at for more information.

The EMC strives to provide experiences for student members where they can learn from industry professionals, have hands-on experience and gain knowledge and skill that will help them for the rest of their hospitality careers. The goal of the EMC is to provide students with opportunities to be involved in events from all stages of planning. The EMC aims to manage events where students can take active leadership roles and walk away with a sense of accomplishment and pride that will motivate them to work hard in their fields.

Contact EMC at for more information.

Eta Sigma Delta is an International Hospitality Management Honor Society. Eta Sigma Delta extends an invitation of membership to students in the School of Hospitality Leadership who meet certain academic requirements. The focus of the organization is professional development and high academic achievement. ESD is supported by the International Council On Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional, I-CHRIE, which has made it possible for ESD to grow. Today, there are over 90 active Eta Sigma Delta chapters throughout the world. 

Contact for more information on Eta Sigma Delta.