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Due to the generous gifts from the Hilton Foundation and other supporting friends of DePaul University, the School of Hospitality Leadership is fortunate to provide students with an abundance of scholarships. These scholarships are in addition to any other grants or financial support that a student may have secured. The School of Hospitality Leadership is building an endowment that will enable it to award scholarships on an ongoing basis.

Internal Funding Opportunities

Students enrolled as majors, intended majors, minors, or intended minors in the School of Hospitality Leadership are encouraged to apply for additional scholarship funding. This scholarship is in addition to any other financial aid award(s) offered federally or by DePaul University. There are two different types of funding categories: academic merit and financial need. As scholarship applications are made available online for each term, application parameters will be outlined and additional details provided.

To apply for a scholarship you must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the General Application on Scholarship Connect:
    1. Log into Scholarship Connect. Sign-in using your Campus Connect ID and password.
    2. Complete and submit the General Application (this must be done every year anytime after July 1st).
      1. Your General Application will be marked with a green checkmark to indicate that it has been completed and submitted successfully.
      2. If it is gray, the application was not submitted successfully; please try again.
  2. Apply for the School of Hospitality Leadership Scholarship on the Opportunities Page of Scholarship Connect.

The majority of the scholarships for this academic year will be awarded approximately 45 days into the autumn academic term. Applications will be available by August 31 each academic year, if not sooner, online. To apply follow the instructions above.

External Funding Opportunities

A variety of external funding opportunities are available each academic year. Details on these opportunities will be presented through the School of Hospitality Leadership's social media communications.​