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Combined Degree Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum GPA I need as an undergrad to be admitted into the program?

In order to be fully admitted to the graduate program at the end of your bachelor's degree, you must complete your undergraduate degree program with an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher and a management GPA of 3.0 or higher. In addition, you could take up to three graduate management classes as an undergraduate student. ​​

After acceptance, how do I enroll into graduate classes as an undergraduate?

Once the class schedule is posted, send an email to Anthony Cuellar, who will notify the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business to help you register.

Is there a minimum GPA I need to earn in the graduate classes I am taking while I am an undergraduate?

Yes, the same standards apply to the three graduate management classes as your undergraduate management classes: ​a minimum of C- and major GPA of 2.0. Students who earn less than a C- in any of the three graduate classes during their senior year may face dismissal from the five-year program. Students dismissed from the program may finish their major/degree requirements at the undergraduate level. ​

If I am accepted into this program can I pursue another graduate business degree?

You cannot not enroll in other combined degree program in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business while you are enrolled in this one; other programs at different colleges may be applied for separately. ​

When does my graduate GPA begin?

Your graduate GPA begins after you graduate with your bachelor's degree. ​​

How does tuition work for this combined bachelor’s + master’s degree program?

The three graduate classes taken during your completion of the bachelor's degree are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate with the same financial aid award, if applicable to the student. The nine graduate classes taken after the bachelor's degree is received are billed at the graduate tuition rate.

Keep in mind that after finishing your bachelor's degree program you will be eligible to receive a Double Demon Scholarship. This scholarship, available to all DePaul alumni, covers 25 percent of the tuition for a master'​s degree. Both full-time and part-time students are eligible. The scholarship becomes effective once you are officially admitted to the graduate program. ​​

How much will the graduate portion of the combined bachelor’s + master’s degree program cost?

To determine the cost of the graduate portion of the combined degree program please check this year'​s graduate tuition rate and factor in the 25 percent Double Demon scholarship. Your total costs will depend upon how many graduate courses you completed as an undergraduate student. ​

What happens if I don't want to continue into the program?

You may defer enrollment for up to one year. ​​