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Entrepreneurship (MS)

The Master of Science (MS) in Entrepreneurship prepares students for the challenges that come with turning good opportunities into thriving businesses, either independently or within an existing organization. Students gain the proficiency necessary to take on a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities, such as starting a new business, developing corporate innovation, cultivating new product development strategies, or becoming involved on the funding side with angel investment and venture capital firms. The program has three definable stages: establishing a clear business opportunity; developing a business plan to attract initial start-up resources; and honing the business plan to illustrate how growth for this opportunity will be funded and managed, and how a final disposition will be achieved.


Through the MS in Entrepreneurship program, you will gain knowledge in:

  • Business development
  • Creating and applying new innovations to existing business processes
  • Product development strategies
  • Investment strategies and techniques
  • Social entrepreneurship
Many students enter the program with business ideas in mind or already developed. The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center at the college sponsors entrepreneurship competitions, workshops and networking opportunities, as well as DePaul membership access to Chicago's 1871 and 2112 start-up incubators. Students also benefit  from extensive networking opportunities with DePaul’s strong alumni network and business contacts. 

Career Outlook

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of the U.S. economy, generating the majority of newly created jobs. Every year more than 600,000 businesses are created in the U.S. Kellstadt graduates will be equipped with the skills and competencies to excel in their entrepreneurial undertakings.

Raju Mandapati

"The MS in Entrepreneurship program teaches you valuable insights about running an entrepreneurial venture. The program made me knowledgeable in all aspects of a business ranging from the importance of innovative organization culture to the need for businesses to be socially conscious."

— Raju Mandapati, MS '17
Head of Technology, Mabbly

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