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Sustainable Management (MBA)

The Sustainable Management MBA concentration will prepare you to be a strategic manager of human, social, financial and natural resources in an organizational setting. In this program, you will gain a strategic, values-driven decision-making framework for developing economically viable and socially just business ventures within a finite ecology. The concentration also will position you for professional opportunities created by the growing demand for sustainable products and services. The multidisciplinary curriculum encompasses management, economics, environmental science, communications and finance courses.


In this concentration, you will learn innovative skills and approaches to:

  • Assess, challenge and re-frame traditional management practices through the lens of sustainability.
  • Understand the impact organizations have on the social and ecological environment.
  • Engage multiple stakeholder perspectives when addressing complex systems and problems.
  • Analyze the values and assumptions for the use of natural, financial, social and human resources that are required to produce and deliver goods and services.
  • Account, connect and measure the economic, social and environmental impacts of organizational decisions.
  • Be able to persuasively communicate the benefits of sustainable goods and services.

Career Outlook

This MBA concentration will put you on the career track for positions that include chief sustainability officer, director of corporate responsibility, industrial production manager, distribution manager and transportation manager. The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects growing professional opportunities for sustainability managers in a wide range of sectors, from services — including finance and health care — to manufacturing and construction. ​​​​​

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