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Sustainable Management (MS)

The Master of Science (MS) in Sustainable Management program combines courses from the College of Science and Health, College of Communication and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, providing you with a broad base of knowledge and skills for implementing sustainable strategies for managing human, social, financial and natural resources in today's marketplace. 


DePaul's MS in Sustainable Management program has a unique curriculum that will enable you to develop:

  • The ability to assess, challenge and reframe traditional practices of management.
  • Decision-making abilities based on organizational strategies.
  • Analytical skills focusing on how societies and organizations value resources required to deliver goods and services.
  • Technical skills to analyze and measure the economic, social and environmental impacts of organizational decisions.

Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects growing professional opportunities for sustainability managers in a wide range of sectors, from services — including finance and health care — to manufacturing and construction.

STEM Designation

DePaul’s Master of Science in Sustainable Management is a Department of Homeland Security STEM-designated program.  STEM designation is granted to programs that produce graduates educated in science, technology, engineering and/or math who help support U.S. economic competitiveness and growth.  International students who earn degrees from STEM-designated programs can qualify to extend their post-graduation stay in the United States for Optional Practical Training (OPT).  OPT provides an opportunity for international students to develop their careers while also helping meet the demand for STEM-educated professionals in the U.S. workforce. To find out more, contact the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at or (312) 362-8810.

Stephanie Curcio

"This program required me to address and act on the critical gap between conventional business practices and sustainable development goals, all while supporting my efforts to build a pragmatic case for investing in ecosystems and social equity."

— Stephanie Curcio, BUS '16 & MS '17
Economic Analyst, AECOM

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