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Leadership & Change Management Concentration

The Leadership and Change Management concentration focuses on developing leadership and change capabilities in students at all levels in organizations. Students gain an awareness of values and the importance of vision, as well as how to empower followers to be active participants in change activities, in order to increase organizational effectiveness. A planned approach to managing all phases of the organizational change process is emphasized. This concentration will be especially useful to students who desire to move into leadership and/or change roles within organizations, such as managers, internal consultants, team leaders, or trainers, as well as external consultant roles. If a student chooses to pursue this concentration, three courses totaling at least 12.0 hours must be taken. 

Course Requirements

*If you take MGT 360-H as part of the Management Honors Program, you must take a different concentration course to satisfy the 12.0 hours required for the concentration.

Second Concentration

While a student may complete more than one Management concentration, at least 50% of the courses used for the completion of a second concentration must be unique to the completion of that concentration.

Experiential Learning

Sharing of MGT 393 between Experiential Learning and major requirements may be possible; consult with academic advisor.

Graduation Requirements

All Management (MGT) courses and any other courses used toward the Management major must be completed with a minimum grade of C- and with a combined GPA of 2.000 or higher.

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