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GSB 519 Waiver Exam

GSB 519 – Business Analytics Tools is a required core course for the MBA program and some MS programs in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. While students cannot waive this class based on previous coursework, students who feel that they have a strong background in algebra and statistics may attempt to waive the course through completing the waiver exam. This course will stress learning through applications/problems-solving using Excel and/or Minitab software for data analysis.

The topics covered in the course include relevant mathematical concepts: algebra (linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions), probability, statistics and regression analysis.

Students should take the waiver exam prior to enrolling in GSB 519. If you are already enrolled in GSB 519 (for example, you are enrolled in a cohort), you must take the exam prior to the drop date for the quarter during which you plan to take GSB 519.

Please note: students are permitted to take the exam only once to protect the integrity of the exam. Re-takes are not permitted. If you feel you need more time to prepare, please email Steve Carlton at to reschedule the exam.

About the GSB 519 Waiver Exam

The GSB 519 Waiver Exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. All questions are equally weighted. The passing grade is 70%. Students will have four hours for the exam and may use any print/paper books or notes they desire. Students can use a standard calculator but not an additional computer, tablet or phone.

The probability, statistics and regression parts of the exam are at the level of the first 16 chapters of “Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel,” 8th edition, 2017 by Levin, Stephan, and Szabat, published by Pearson. Previous editions should suffice as long as the chapter structure is the same.

At this time, all exams are being offered online via D2L. On the designated test day, the exam will be available from 7 a.m. through 11:59 p.m., and students will have four hours to complete the exam from the time they begin.

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