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Graduate Assistants

The School of Accountancy & MIS recruits top students annually to serve as graduate assistants for the faculty. These assistantships include a tuition waiver for up to three classes per quarter (maximum of nine per year) and a stipend of $1,​500 per quarter. There are two types of graduate assistants:

  • Research Assistant: Provides support for faculty members’ teaching and research activities. Research assistant responsibilities include engaging in literature and other library searches, collecting and organizing data, and collaborating with faculty in research projects. Other responsibilities include preparing course materials, grading student work, and posting grades to the course website.

  • Teaching Assistant: Provides support to students enrolled in introductory accounting courses. Responsibilities include supervising weekly lab sessions for undergraduate students enrolled in ACC 101, grading lab assignments, and posting lab assignment grades to the course website. Tutoring responsibilities include attending weekly class meetings for an assigned tutoring subject area and working in the tutoring room.

How to Apply

  • Applicants must be enrolled in or accepted to a graduate accounting program (MSA, MSAA, MST).
  • Applications open in March and are due April 30. Applications are reviewed after the application deadline.
  • Visit and search for Graduate Assistant Application - DCB School of Accountancy.
  • Requirements include current résumé, transcripts and personal statement. Letters of recommendation are not accepted.