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Student Resources

Students in the School of Hospitality Leadership have a wealth of resources and opportunities available to them to ensure their academic and career success inside and outside of the classroom:

These internships, which are highly valued by our industry partners, provide an opportunity for a student to gain practical experience in a variety of hospitality industry segments. This experience is designed to apply classroom concepts to real-world operational scenario to ensure students are best prepared for their eventual careers in hospitality. School of Hospitality Leadership undergraduate majors are required to successfully complete two required internships as a part of their degree program.


Based on feedback from our industry partners across of a variety of hospitality industry segments, the three required Hospitality Leadership milestones are designed to enhance students knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas of: (a) etiquette, (b) global service delivery and (c) community service. Hospitality Leadership majors must complete three milestones during their undergraduate academic career.


Available to hospitality students due to the generosity of donors and friends of the School of Hospitality Leadership. These scholarships provide students the opportunity to continue their studies at DePaul University through financial assistance.

Student Organizations

An excellent networking and career tool for current students. All students within the School of Hospitality Leadership are encouraged to find out more and join a student hospitality organization.

Student Ambassador Program

The School of Hospitality Leadership offers students the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the school while engaging with potential students, current students, alumni, hospitality industry professionals and a plethora of other opportunities for engagement.

Study Abroad

Students in the School of Hospitality Leadership have a plethora of opportunities to study abroad during their studies within our undergraduate and graduate programs. Students are highly encouraged to study abroad and learn about differing cultures and international hospitality business practices and organizations.

Student Advising

The Driehaus College of Business has an Undergraduate Programs Office and Advising Center that serves all majors within the college. For student academic advising, please visit them in Suite 5200 in the DePaul Center (1 E. Jackson Blvd.).

For information specific to School of Hospitality Leadership program requirements, please contact Shelley Gibbons at the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Center for Student Development and Engagement located at DePaul's Loop Campus (Daley Building 3rd Floor).

It is strongly recommended that School of Hospitality Leadership students contact Shelley Gibbons and their academic advisor at least once each academic year.


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