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Management Minor

Available to students majoring outside the Driehaus College of Business, the Management minor presents problem-solving approaches and techniques that are necessary when working with an organization or business to achieve its goals. The student may focus on management in a specific industry, such as health care or public relations.

Prerequisite Requirements

Students must meet the prerequisites of ACC 101,ACC 102,ECO 105and one course in statistics prior to some courses in the minor.

The requirement for courses in college algebra and statistics may be satisfied through the completion of LSP 120 (course or LSP 120 Proficiency Exam) and LSP 121 (course or LSP 121 Proficiency Exam).

Course Requirements

A non-Driehaus student minoring in Management is required to complete the following courses totaling at least 20.0 hours:

Graduation Requirements

All Management (MGT), Business Law (BLW), Interdisciplinary Commerce Studies (ICS) courses, and any other courses used toward the Management minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C- and with a combined GPA of 2.000 or higher. ​​

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