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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if a certain class is being offered in a certain quarter?

You may view courses for the current and upcoming quarters on Campus Connect.

How can I get in a closed class?

Professors are not authorized to over-enroll their closed classes. The Driehaus College of Business strives to maintain effective student-teacher ratios, so the courses in the college rarely take on extra students. Students are should place themselves on the wait list for the closed class.

If you are a senior entering into your final term of study, you must meet with an academic advisor to review the Closed Class Petition process. ​​

What can I do if a course I want to take is not offered?

Students may make a request to the chair of the department for a course substitution or take an independent study course. ​

Do you offer tutoring?

No, students should either make an appointment with their professor or visit their professor during the scheduled office hours. ​

How do I register for a management internship?

Review the internship program details or contact the Management Department. ​