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Graduate Assistantships

​The department hires a limited number of graduate assistants each academic year. Positions are awarded for the entire academic year and candidates must be enrolled at least half time in fall, winter and spring terms of the award year in order to be considered eligible for an award.

Awards include a combination of tuition waivers and stipend based on the number of weekly hours of work the position will require. The department may choose to offer full-time or part-time awards.

The tuition waivers are university-funded, meaning that a student may not receive any other tuition restricted university scholarships or funding in conjunction with the graduate assistantship. If a candidate is offered this award along with another university scholarship, they will automatically be granted the most advantageous offer and the remaining award(s) will be forfeited. 

Scholarships or awards that are funded by endowment or external sources may be combined with the assistantship. 

The period to apply for graduate assistantships in the department occurs each spring for the following academic year. For example, application for positions in the 2024-2025 year would be open in April-May of 2024. 

The application can be found on the DePaul Scholarship Connect site during this time. You will first need to create a general profile, which can be done at any time. 

After the application closes, the internal selection process begins. Prior experience with research projects and skills and experience with library searches, databases, and analytics are valued.

Candidates will be selected based on these and other criteria. Selected candidates will receive an offer letter in June or July for positions starting in September. 

The department does not offer any other assistantship positions. 

More information on resources for students can be found here. ​