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Internship Program

If you are intending to participate in the Management Internship Program, please read ALL of the following:

DePaul University has long stressed its special role preparing students for the world of work. Enrollment in Management Internship 393 or 793 extends to the business-oriented student a very unique and exiting opportunity to participate in a real work experience that:

  • Improves the linkages between classroom effort and the business world.
  • Helps clarify educational and career goals.
  • Provides an effective financial source for tuition cost.
  • Leads to improved academic performance, employment experiences, opportunities and vital networking with leading firms and their executives.

Course Expectations

Work/Employment Duration

The student will intern a minimum of 100 hours per quarter enrollment.

Research paper

Research of the employing firm and a report on the objectives attained during the enrolled internship phase.

Review Process

Program Coordinator/Employing Firm review of the intern's total effort and a final course grade assignment.


Interning student structures a daily work journal during the phase which reflects step-by-step attainment of the initial stated position objectives.

Class Meetings

There are two class sessions scheduled each quarter at times mutually convenient to students and the Program Coordinator. The purpose of these meetings is to ascertain student learning and discuss the learning process.

Supervisor Evaluation

Work Performance shall be reviewed by supervising employer/supervisor.

Personal Evaluation

Interning student shall evaluate his/her total performance at the conclusion of the internship phase.

Getting Started

  • Arrange to visit the Program Coordinator by contacting the Management & Entrepreneurship Department, or the Program Coordinator directly at
  • Complete application form and review program format and forms (see Program Coordinator).
  • Submit two copies of student's current resume during this initial meeting.

Academic Requirements

  • Applicant must have completed MGT 300 - Managerial Concepts and Practices.
  • Applicant must have completed his/her sophomore studies.
  • Applicant overall GPA will be considered.

Reward and Benefits

  • Earn credits toward your degree.
  • Transcript records your venture into internship program.
  • Your current/future job will include your internship attainment, which employers favor.