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Finance Advisory Board


Established in 1998 by the Department of Finance, the Finance Advisory Board is comprised of a select group of distinguished business, government and academic leaders. The purpose of the group is to:

  • Advise the Department on curriculum development and enhancement, graduate placement, workshop offerings and executive development, faculty development and external relations.
  • Where appropriate, assist the chairman of the Department regarding external funding aimed at advancing the mission of the Department of Finance.
  • Participate in the annual nomination and selection of a distinguished financial executive who will be recognized as the "Financial Executive of the Year," by the Finance Advisory Board and the DePaul Chapter of the Financial Management Association National Honor Society.

The goals of the Finance Advisory Board are to:

  • Increase thedDepartment's outreach to corporate and public sector executives, solidifying their relationship with DePaul University.
  • Increase the interaction between the faculty and the corporate world, providing Board members the opportunity to seek independent thought on corporate finance issues, and providing the faculty the ability to seek external validation for the relevance of theoretical concepts taught in finance courses.
  • Nominate on an annual basis and subsequently elect one individual as the "Financial Executive of the Year," to be inducted into the University's "Financial Executive Hall of Fame."
  • Nominate on an annual basis and subsequently elect one individual as the "Alum of the Year," to be inducted into the University's "Finance Alumni Hall of Fame."
  • Identify areas where the department has, or should acquire, expertise to offer management-level workshops or executive development programs.
  • Attract prominent business professionals to the campus as guest lecturers.
  • Identify areas of competitive advantage for DePaul graduates.
  • Explore the possibilities for, and assist with, summer or semester-long faculty internship programs in corporate divisions or governmental agencies.
  • Identify contemporary issues in finance to which students should be exposed.
  • Review and provide input relevant to the Department's curriculum.
  • Promote the image of the Department of Finance and DePaul University.

To join the Finance Advisory Board, an individual must be nominated by a board member, the finance faculty, Driehaus College of Business Dean Dean or the President of DePaul University and approved by the board. The nominee must be a corporate sector executive serving as a chairman of the board, president, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, controller, treasurer or vice president, or the equivalent of one of the above in the public sector, a principal or a partner in an investment house or accounting or consulting firm, or an academic of significant standing. (This requirement may be waived by the Board's President.)

Membership on the Finance Advisory Board is limited to 50 individuals. Membership terms are five-year periods, subject to annual renewals. When all 50 memberships are filled, a waiting list will be established. The recipients of the Financial Executive of the Year award will automatically be granted a one-year membership on the Board as an honorary member.

Upon approval by the board, a prospective member will be invited to join and pay annual dues. Membership dues are $4,000 annually, via a check payable to the Finance Department between July 1 and the annual meeting. The dues may come from either a corporate account or a personal account.

The Department will use the Finance Advisory Board membership dues to enhance the educational, research and service programs of the Department.

The board is governed by an executive committee of five, elected by the membership to three-year terms at its annual meetings. The executive committee shall elect one of its members as President who will assume the leadership of the board until a successor has been chosen in a like manner. Should the President not be able to complete the full term, the Senior Vice President will assume the office prior to his induction at the next annual meeting.

The board will hold its annual meetings during the month of May on or near the campus of DePaul University. The meeting will normally commence in the morning and will include reports by the Dean and the Chairman of the Department of Finance on the preceding year's activities, general discussion and the election of new Executive Committee member(s). The Financial Executive of the Year will be announced and recognized at this meeting. An agenda will be provided in advance of the meeting.

Finance Executive Hall of Fame
2016 Executive of the Year Thomas Bagley
2015 Executive of the Year Julie Holzrichter
2014 Executive of the Year Roxanne Martino
2013 Executive of the Year Lori Holland
2012 Executive of the Year Robert Yohanan
2011 Executive of the Year Greg Schiffman
2010 Executive of the Year Phupinder Gill
2009 Executive of the Year Harrison I. Steans
2008 Executive of the Year Gerald A. Beeson
2007 Executive of the Year Mark S. Casady
2006 Executive of the Year Frank M. Clark
2005 Executive of the Year Brian P. Campbell
2004 Executive of the Year Rex Sinquefield
2003 Executive of the Year Michael H. Moskow
2002 Executive of the Year Michelle L. Collins
2001 Executive of the Year Alan G. McNally
2000 Executive of the Year Richard H. Driehaus
1999 Executive of the Year Jack M. Greenberg

Alumni Hall of Fame
2016 Alum of the Year John Eber
2015 Alum of the Year Joseph P. Miller
2014 Alum of the Year Joe Silich
2013 Alum of the Year Diane M. Pearse
2012 Alum of the Year John Lump
2011 Alum of the Year Carl F. Luft
2010 Alum of the Year Louis J. Marsico
2009 Alum of the Year Martin Malecki
2007 Alum of the Year Anne Drennan
2005 Alum of the Year William Kusack​