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Faculty Publications

The faculty of the Department of Finance have written and/or edited a number of scholarly texts, and regularly contribute to journals within their discipline. They are also regularly in the news.

Recent Faculty Publications in Journals

For more news in Faculty Research, visit the Driehaus College of Business Faculty Research page​ or individual Faculty Profiles. 

  • ​Berry, T. D., Junkus, J. C. (2015). Social Responsibility Investing:  A Review of the Critical Issues. Managerial Finance, 41, 1176-1201.
  • Black, L. K., Rosen, R. (2016). Monetary Policy, Loan Maturity, and Credit Availability. International Journal of Central Banking.
  • Black, L. K., Correa, R., Huang, X., Zhou, H. (2016). The Systemic Risk of European Banks during the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises. Journal of Banking & Finance.
  • Eckblad, M., Black, L. K., Ugunro, E. (2015, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Deepening the Foundations of Risk Management. Chicago Fed Letter, 345.
  • Liberti, J. M. Uncovering Collateral Constraints (book).
  • Crane, A., Michenaud, S., Weston, J. P. (2016). The Effect of Institutional Ownership on Payout Policy: Evidence from Index Thresholds. Review of Financial Studies, The, 29, 1377-1408. **Lead Article, Review of Financial Studies
  • Grullon, G., Michenaud, S., Weston, J. P. (2015). “The Real Effects of Short-Selling Constraints”. Review of Financial Studies, The, 28, 1737-1767.
  • Sturgess, J. (2015). The Role of Institutional Investors in Voting: Evidence from the Securities Lending Market. Journal of Finance, 70, 2309-2346.
  • Sturgess, J., Liberti, J. M. (in press). The Anatomy of a Credit Supply Shock: Evidence from an Internal Credit Market. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Sturgess, J., Liberti, J. M. (in press). How Collateral Laws Shape Lending and Sectoral Activity. Journal of Financial Economics.
  • Sturgess, J. (2016). Multinational Firms, Internal Capital Markets, and the Value of Global Diversification. Quarterly Journal of Finance, 6.
  • Codina, R., Vu, J. The Net Liquid Assets and the Liquidity of Academy of Economics and Finance Journal, 6, 9.