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Major Requirements

Major Requirements

Course Requirements

In addition to MKT 301, a student majoring in Marketing is required to complete the following courses totaling 38.0 hours plus 4.0 hours to be shared with the Business Core (42.0 hours total):

  • Three required courses to be taken for 10.0 hours:
  • One required course to be taken in Business Core:
  • One Marketing Concentration of seven courses to be taken for 28.0 hours to be chosen from:
    • Digital Marketing
    • Sales Leadership
    • Marketing Insights

Business Communication Requirement

MKT 276 must be completed by students majoring in Marketing and serves as the Communication requirement in the Business Core.

Second Marketing Concentration

A student majoring in Marketing may have more than one Marketing concentration.
Exception: students with Marketing Insights Concentration cannot have a second Marketing Concentration.

While a student may complete more than one Marketing concentration, at least 50% of the courses used for the completion of a second concentration must be unique to the completion of that concentration.

Career Management Course

Students are required to complete the Career Course (250) associated with the major. Students who double major may choose the Career Course (250) associated with either major provided that hours for graduation are satisfied. Students should take the Career Course as soon as possible.

Global Business Perspective

If any MKT or IB 350 course is shared between Global Business Perspective and the Marketing major, additional hours of Open Elective credit are required. Any MKT or IB 350 course used toward the Global Business Perspective requirement must be passed with C- or higher.

Open Electives

Open elective credit (22.0 hours) is also required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

Combined Bachelor’s + Master’s Program Participants

Students admitted to a Marketing Combined Bachelor’s + Master’s program may apply up to three approved graduate course(s) towards their undergraduate degree. Students should see academic advisor for additional information. 

Graduation Requirements

All Marketing (MKT) courses and any other courses used toward the Marketing major must be completed with a minimum grade of C- and with a combined GPA of 2.000 or higher.

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