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Marketing Honors Program Application

​​​​​To be considered for the DePaul Integrated Marketing Education (honors) program, fill out the form bel​ow. We recommend first reading the application instructions before beginning your application..

All applications materials are due May 1.

To be considered for the IME program, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your resume is up-to-date so that you can submit it with the application below.
  2. Prepare a letter of interest so that you can also submit it along with the application below. In the letter, you should address the IME committee and include: why you want to be a part of the IME program; the talents and/or skills you will bring to the IME teams; and your career objectives.
  3. At the same time you are preparing materials for the application below, you should also secure a letter of recommendation from a professor within the Department of Marketing. The professor's letter of recommendatino should be emailed directly to Zafar Iqbal, director of the IME program, at
  4. Submit your application below, which should include your resume and letter. Your letter of recommendation can be submitted before or after your application has been submitted below.


If you have questions about the application process or program, contact:

Zafar Iqbal
Associate Professor of Marketing
Director, Integrated Marketing Education Program
(312) 362-7232