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Department of Finance Faculty

  • Thomas D. Berry

    Thomas D. Berry

    • Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty, Staff and Student Success
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  • Jeff Bierman

    Jeff Bierman

  • Lamont Black

    Lamont Black

  • Ramon Codina

    Ramon Codina

  • William Conway

    William Conway

  • Werner De Bondt

    Werner De Bondt

    • Professor and Founding Director, Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance
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  • Sanjay Deshmukh

    Sanjay Deshmukh

  • David Dixon

    David Dixon

  • Tom P. Edwalds

    Tom P. Edwalds

    • Executive Director of Arditti Center for Risk Management
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  • Robert Elliot

    Robert Elliot

  • Martin Essenburg

    Martin Essenburg

    • Executive Director, Center for Financial Services
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  • Ali Fatemi

    Ali Fatemi

  • Geoff Hirt

    Geoff Hirt

  • MaryAnn Hoctor

    MaryAnn Hoctor

  • Barry Hollingsworth

    Barry Hollingsworth

  • Jose M. Liberti

    Jose M. Liberti

  • Sonya Lim

    Sonya Lim

  • Edwin Linker

    Edwin Linker

  • Larry A. Lonis

    Larry A. Lonis

  • Carl F. Luft

    Carl F. Luft

    • Academic Director of the Arditti Center for Risk Management and Associate Professor
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  • John Lump

    John Lump

  • Elizabeth Martinez

    Elizabeth Martinez

  • Sébastien Michenaud

    Sébastien Michenaud

  • Lawrence Morgan

    Lawrence Morgan

  • Jack Mosevich

    Jack Mosevich

  • Mark Myers

    Mark Myers

  • Quoc Nguyen

    Quoc Nguyen

  • Pavel Savor

    Pavel Savor

    • Christopher L. Keeley Chair in Investment Management
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  • Ann Sherman

    Ann Sherman

  • Mark S. Shore

    Mark S. Shore

  • Joseph Thompson

    Joseph Thompson

  • Vahap Uysal

    Vahap Uysal

  • James Valentine

    James Valentine

    • Clinical Professor and the Executive Director of the Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance
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  • Peter Westin

    Peter Westin

  • William White

    William White

  • Hongjun Yan

    Hongjun Yan

    • Chair and Director of Richard H. Driehaus Center for Behavioral Finance
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