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Department of Economics Faculty

  • Peter Bernstein

    Peter Bernstein

  • Burhan Biner

    Burhan Biner

  • Gabriella Bucci

    Gabriella Bucci

  • Animesh Ghoshal

    Animesh Ghoshal

  • Robert Kallen

    Robert Kallen

  • Anthony C. Krautmann

    Anthony C. Krautmann

  • Paul Kubik

    Paul Kubik

  • Jin Man Lee

    Jin Man Lee

    • Research Director, Institute for Housing Studies, The Real Estate Center and Adjunct Professor
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  • Frank F. Limehouse

    Frank F. Limehouse

  • Ingunn M. Lonning

    Ingunn M. Lonning

  • Sébastien Mary

    Sébastien Mary

  • Michael S. Miller

    Michael S. Miller

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