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School of Accountancy & MIS Faculty

  • John Ahern

    John Ahern

    • Associate Professor and Interim Director of the Richard H. Driehaus Center for International Business
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  • Mark Alford

    Mark Alford

  • Richard Anderson

    Richard Anderson

    • Clinical Professor of Risk Management
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  • Michael Fernandez

    Michael Fernandez

  • Joseph Ferrari

    Joseph Ferrari

  • Qiang Fitzgerald

    Qiang Fitzgerald

  • David G. Franckowiak

    David G. Franckowiak

  • Mark Frigo

    Mark Frigo

  • Stephen Frost

    Stephen Frost

  • Lynne M. Glennon

    Lynne M. Glennon

  • Delvin A. Grant

    Delvin A. Grant

  • Edward J. Hannon

    Edward J. Hannon

  • Edward Kabialis

    Edward Kabialis

  • Kevin Kaiser

    Kevin Kaiser

  • Howard A. Kanter

    Howard A. Kanter

  • Geoffrey M. Knoerzer

    Geoffrey M. Knoerzer

  • Jonathan Kochan

    Jonathan Kochan

  • Robert E. Koza

    Robert E. Koza

  • Diane Kuhlmann

    Diane Kuhlmann

    • Instructor and Assistant Director, MST Program
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  • Michael Laudizio

    Michael Laudizio

  • Rodney Lawrence

    Rodney Lawrence

  • Hui Lin

    Hui Lin

    • Associate Professor and Associate Director for Regional Initiatives – China
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  • Joel Litman

    Joel Litman

  • Eva Lord

    Eva Lord

  • Ronald Marcuson

    Ronald Marcuson

    • Senior Professional Lecturer and Director, MST Program
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  • Marenglen Marku

    Marenglen Marku

  • Eileen Marutzky

    Eileen Marutzky

  • Dennis A. Minich

    Dennis A. Minich

  • Thomas Morrissey

    Thomas Morrissey

  • Elizabeth A. Murphy

    Elizabeth A. Murphy

  • Willie Reddic

    Willie Reddic

  • David J. Roberts

    David J. Roberts

  • Paul Rosenberg

    Paul Rosenberg

  • Matthew Stern

    Matthew Stern

  • Andrew Strimaitis

    Andrew Strimaitis

  • Diane Tarkowski

    Diane Tarkowski

  • Margaret Tower

    Margaret Tower

  • Michael T. Trendell

    Michael T. Trendell

  • William J. Vadbunker

    William J. Vadbunker

  • Mary Warmus

    Mary Warmus

  • Linda Watson

    Linda Watson

  • O. Ray Whittington

    O. Ray Whittington

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