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Department of Marketing Faculty

  • James Alvarez Mourey

    James Alvarez Mourey

  • Roger J. Baran

    Roger J. Baran

  • Myril E. Bruns

    Myril E. Bruns

  • Petr Chadraba

    Petr Chadraba

  • Andrew Clark

    Andrew Clark

    • Visiting Assistant Professor and Faculty Coordinator of Sports Management Curriculum
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  • Nina C. Diamond

    Nina C. Diamond

  • Suzanne L. Fogel

    Suzanne L. Fogel

  • Robert J. Galka

    Robert J. Galka

  • Andrew Gallan

    Andrew Gallan

  • Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia

  • Marina Girju

    Marina Girju

  • Lawrence O. Hamer

    Lawrence O. Hamer

    • Professor and Associate Provost for Academic & Faculty Affairs
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  • Michael R. Hernandez

    Michael R. Hernandez

  • Ronald Hirasawa

    Ronald Hirasawa

  • Zafar Iqbal

    Zafar Iqbal

  • Kathleen M. Jackson

    Kathleen M. Jackson

  • J. Steven Kelly

    J. Steven Kelly

  • Paul J. Kessenich

    Paul J. Kessenich

  • Lily Kim

    Lily Kim

  • Stephen K. Koernig

    Stephen K. Koernig

  • Jacqueline Kuehl

    Jacqueline Kuehl

    • Adjunct Professor and Executive Director, Digital Marketing Program
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  • David Kuhn

    David Kuhn

  • Roger Lall

    Roger Lall

    • Clinical Professor and Director of MS in Marketing Program
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  • Laura L. Larson

    Laura L. Larson

  • Melissa Markley

    Melissa Markley

  • James Moore

    James Moore

  • Albert M. Muniz

    Albert M. Muniz

  • Bruce I. Newman

    Bruce I. Newman

    • Professor and Wicklander Fellow in Business Ethics
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  • Robert D. O'Keefe

    Robert D. O'Keefe

  • Anna Pavlovic

    Anna Pavlovic

  • Richard Rocco

    Richard Rocco

    • Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Sales Leadership
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  • Clancy E. Ryan

    Clancy E. Ryan

    • Adjunct Professor and Co-Founder of the Center for Sales Leadership
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  • Mark E. Skroch

    Mark E. Skroch

  • Tim J. Smith

    Tim J. Smith

  • Daniel Strunk

    Daniel Strunk

    • Executive In Residence and Managing Director, Center for Sales Leadership
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  • Kate Thoren

    Kate Thoren

  • D. Joel Whalen

    D. Joel Whalen

    • Associate Professor and Director of Curriculum Sales Leadership Program
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  • Tommy E. Whittler

    Tommy E. Whittler

  • Gerard Wolf

    Gerard Wolf

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