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Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Faculty

  • Gerald Aase

    Gerald Aase

    • Instructor and Director, MS in Business Analytics
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  • Nezih Altay

    Nezih Altay

    • Professor and Faculty Director of Supply Chain Management Program
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  • Philip Andrew

    Philip Andrew

    • Adjunct Professor of Negotiation, Business Intelligence and Leadership
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  • David Avdul

    David Avdul

    • Director, Compensation & HR Centralized Services. Adjunct Professor, DePaul University
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  • Levi Baer

    Levi Baer

  • Karen Bartuch

    Karen Bartuch

  • Reda Chafai

    Reda Chafai

  • Andrew Clark

    Andrew Clark

    • Instructor and Faculty Coordinator of Sports Management Curriculum
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  • Lori S. Cook

    Lori S. Cook

  • Erich C. Dierdorff

    Erich C. Dierdorff

  • Stephanie L. Dohrn

    Stephanie L. Dohrn

  • Daniel Gillespie

    Daniel Gillespie

  • Robert Gramillano

    Robert Gramillano

  • Robert J. Greene

    Robert J. Greene

  • Lisa K. Gundry

    Lisa K. Gundry

    • Professor and Director, MS in Entrepreneurship
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  • Fernando Heil-Lutiis

    Fernando Heil-Lutiis

  • Daniel R. Heiser

    Daniel R. Heiser

  • Steven Henry

    Steven Henry

  • Zachary Hirschfeld

    Zachary Hirschfeld

  • Jaclyn Jensen

    Jaclyn Jensen

    • Associate Professor and Director, MS in Human Resources
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  • Bin Jiang

    Bin Jiang

  • Daniel J. Koys

    Daniel J. Koys

  • Helen N. LaVan

    Helen N. LaVan

  • Bruce Leech

    Bruce Leech

    • Instructor and Executive Director of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Program
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  • Grace Lemmon

    Grace Lemmon

    • Associate Professor of Management, Faculty Director of the Management Honors Program and Associate Director of the Doctorate in Business Administration Program
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  • Terri Lonier

    Terri Lonier

  • Yvette P. Lopez

    Yvette P. Lopez

  • Samuel Manella

    Samuel Manella

  • William Martin

    William Martin

  • Patrick Mitchell

    Patrick Mitchell

  • Timothy M. Mojonnier

    Timothy M. Mojonnier

  • Dev Mukherjee

    Dev Mukherjee

  • Charles E. Naquin

    Charles E. Naquin

  • George Nassos

    George Nassos

    • Instructor and Director, MS in Sustainable Management
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  • Eva Nelson

    Eva Nelson

  • Jordan Novak

    Jordan Novak

  • Gerhard R. Plaschka

    Gerhard R. Plaschka

  • Margaret Posig

    Margaret Posig

  • Robert S. Rubin

    Robert S. Rubin

    • Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate & Professional Education
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