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Standard Concentration

The Standard Marketing concentration provides students with the flexibility to tailor their programs to fit a wide array of career interests. Graduates with a marketing major have many career opportunities in the various areas of marketing such as advertising, market research, sales management, or marketing management. The department offers electives that focus in each area. Majors may wish to group their elective courses with a concentration or specific career orientation in mind, although this is not required. A student majoring in Marketing with this concentration must complete the following requirements totaling at least 20.0 hours:

Course Requirements

Communication Requirement

Driehaus students majoring in Marketing must complete MKT 376 for the Communication requirement in the Business Core.

Multiple Marketing Concentrations

While a student may complete more than one Marketing concentration, at least 50% of the courses used for the completion of a second concentration must be unique to the completion of that concentration.

Global Business Perspective

If a MKT course or ICS 350 is shared between Global Business Perspective and the Marketing major, additional hours of Open Elective credit are required.

Experiential Learning

Sharing of MKT 393 between Experiential Learning and the Marketing major may be possible; consult with academic advisor.

Graduation Requirements

All Marketing (MKT) courses and any other courses used toward the Marketing major must be completed with a minimum grade of C- and with a combined GPA of 2.000 or higher.

MKT 305


This course focuses on how to match research design (exploration, surveys, observation and experiments) with an organization's marketing problems. You will learn how to: design questionnaires, collect and analyze survey data, prepare and conduct focus groups and design experiments. Some knowledge of statistics required.
(MKT 202 or FIN 202 or MGT 202) and MKT 301 are a prerequisite for this class.


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